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12 steps to love your clothes

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Happy Valentine's Day! 

Rather than give you tips on how to love yourself or love your partner on this special day of hearts (there are already loads of articles on how to do that today), here are some quick and dirty ways to love your clothes.

What do I mean by this? Well, we live in a society in which clothing has no material value. It's all symbolic. Few people actually care for their clothing. If it gets ripped, they donate it or throw it out rather than fix it. If clothing gets dirty, it was so cheap to buy, why not throw it away and just buy another one? People buy clothing on a whim, without taking any care to look for quality items that are actually worth their hard-earned money.

The more we love our clothes and treat them with care, the more respect and care we give to each other and to the planet.

Here we go:

  1. Don't buy for the brand or for the price, look for quality made pieces made out of natural fibres or quality, European-made synthetic fibres.
  2. Buy pieces that are preshrunk, especially when it comes to synthetic/natural blends so that you don't get a nasty surprise when you wash your item. Different fibres shrink at different rates, causing warps in the fabric.
  3. Look at the seams, are there any loose pieces of thread? If so, avoid it. Are the seams evenly spaced out and nice and flat? Good. 
  4. Hold the fabric up to the light, can you see through it? If so, is the weave nice and tight or are there lots of holes in it? Even the softest, lightest silks should have nice tight weaves to ensure durability.
  5. Handwash your delicate items that are silk or that have lots of hand beading and lay them flat to dry
  6. If hand washing isn't your thing, choose the delicate wash on your washer and again lay flat to dry
  7. Avoid the dryer as much as possible. The extreme heat is hard on even the sturdiest fabric, breaking it down more and making it prone to tears, pills, etc. Not to mention you'll save on your energy bill by air drying.
  8. Wash your items inside out to avoid snags
  9. Wash like items together, similar colours, even similar fabrics, avoid mixing towels with delicates, for example
  10. Fold heavy knits so that they don't sag with their own weight
  11. Hang silk blouses and dresses on soft hangers
  12. Research the right stain removing techniques before you attack your items

Great resources for clothing care: