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#madeincanada gift guide

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*It's important for you to know that I haven't received any compensation for any of the products mentioned in this post, nor have I used any affiliate links. None of the images, except for the one of Duffield Design's Eagle sweater are my own. I pulled them from the websites that each link links directly to and have made sure to note this in the list itself.

The holiday shopping season officially OFFICIALLY begins today (being December 1). Shops big and small are stocking their shelves, hiring additional staff and ticking off all of their tasks in preparation for the madness that is holiday shopping.

In an effort to help you buy fewer, higher quality items for your loved ones this year, I've put together a few gift guides. This one focuses on #madeincanada items. The others, well, you'll have to wait and see over the coming days and weeks!

I've done my best to give a variety of items for you to choose from, but this is - of course - only my list. I'd appreciate your suggestions of other shops and makers to buy from in support of great Canadian talent.

There are also many other such lists for you to browse, lists put together by my fellow ethical and sustainable bloggers. Here's just a sample for you to scan too.

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Remember, stick to your shopping list, stay within your budget and when in doubt, give the gift of some good old-fashioned face-to-face.

1. Beeswax candles - made in Vancouver, British Columbia; photo from Noble & Co's Etsy page

2. Handmade vegan soap - made in Ottawa, Ontario; photo from Saaboon's Instagram feed

3. Deep serving bowl - made in Montreal, Quebec; photo from maker via Goods Shop

4. Eagle sweater - made in Dunrobin, Ontario; photo from Either/Or 

5. Oxford shoes - designed in Vancouver, British Columbia, made in Leon, Mexico

6. Ring bowl - made in Iroquois, Ontario; photo from maker's Etsy site

7. Macausland's wool blanket - made in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island; photo from Pinterest

8. Blue copper earrings - made in Ottawa, Ontario; photo from maker 

9. Rope basket - made in Vancouver, British Columbia; photo from maker's Etsy site

10. Triangle shelf - made in Toronto, Ontario; photo from maker's Etsy site

11. Rope and chain necklace - made in Prescott, Ontario; photo from maker's Etsy site

12. Handwoven basket - made in Montreal, Quebec; photo from maker's site