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Season-to-season beauty

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Lyz Plant and I have been friends for a few years now. I can't remember how we met, nor when exactly, but what I can tell you is that she's one rad #bosslady and a strong advocate for all-natural beauty products. Lyz is in the midst of closing down her popular eco-beauty shop, Louche Lily, (great time to stock up with ridiculous discounts) and launching her new venture as a beauty coach. Lyz recently became a yoga instructor so that she can help people be healthy and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Now that the cold weather has officially reached old Ottawa here, I thought it a good time to ask Lyz for some expert advice on how to transition our beauty routine from summer to fall.

What skin changes happen thanks to the summer-fall weather transition? 
In four-season areas of the world, our bodies are in constant change. It seems that just when we've gotten used to the season, it's time for a change again. From summer to fall in particular, the humidity in the air drops significantly so our skin will start to get dry pretty quickly.  

How might these changes affect our appearance?
We get paler, drier and our colouring changes. That favourite lip shade you sported in July may not work for your skin tone in November. Best to keep it in a cool dry place and bring it out next year. 

Why do these changes happen?
The cold weather makes us turn the heat on in our homes, which kicks up the dust and puts allergies into play for some. This in turn gives us runny noses and makes us do more mouth breathing while asleep at night, giving us cracked lips.

My skin really freaks out when an allergy strike happens. We also crave less cool, crisp, water and reach instead for more caffeinated hot drinks (pumpkin spice anyone?) so there's also a drop in hydration in our bodies from the inside out.

Do skin types react differently to this transition?
They certainly can. Those with oily skin might dislike humid summers cause they feel like an oil slick all season, but come fall-winter they won't feel nearly as dry. If you have oily skin, learn to love it, you'll age slower than the rest!

I'm also a believer that skin types are more of a skin "symptom" in most cases, but we'll have to do another blog post on that.

How should we change our skincare routine to help our skin out in the cooler months?
Very timely question as I've JUST switched my day cream to my night balm. In the summer, our skin is stronger and more plumped up. In winter, it's more fragile and dry.

During the summer I use a light cream with SPF during the day (Kimberly Sayer's Ultra Light Day Lotion is amazing) and a slightly heavier lotion at night with a serum for age fighting. For my winter routine, I can't get enough of face oils and balms.  Right now, my night one is 100% Pure Super Fruits Night Balm. It feels really heavy, but a little goes a long way and in the morning, my skin feels amazing.

It's important to be more delicate with your skin in the winter. In the summer months a sugar scrub on the face will feel amazing, but in the winter go for something gentler, like an oatmeal scrub.  

Any health tips to help our skin, hair, etc.?
Drink water! We're more likely to crave water, salads and be more active in the summer. I don't know about you but in the winter all I want to do is to snuggle up and eat mashed potatoes and drink tea all day, but this won't help my skin.

If you're craving comfort food, be aware that your skin reflects how healthy you are on the inside. Turning to heavy, sugary and fatty foods could wreak havoc on your skin.

Try a healthy soup like minestrone or a warm quinoa salad with spinach and lemon so you still get the comfort aspect but keep your healthy skin. Watch your tea intake and try hot lemon water a couple of times a day instead. Working out too is a must. Escape the cold with a hot yoga class, get some fresh air and go skating, and even some short at-home workouts can make a difference by getting more blood flow to your face. Regular exercise is a natural face lift.

How about makeup, does this need to change season-to-season too?
Yes. Spring and summer make up is more youthful (think candy colours). If you expose your skin to the sun, especially without sunscreen (tisk, tisk) chances are you'll have a darker complexion than in the winter. This means you'll have to change the tones of your lipsticks, eyeshadow, blush and of course foundation once the tan wears off.

I've always considered winter makeup more sophisticated. When you think of a more grown-up, sexy look (think Bond girl) you don't think of an orange lip gloss. You think matte red lips and a creamy, neutral lip with a smokey eye.

Can you recommend some skin care and beauty products for fall/winter?
Any sort of hydrating face/hair mask would be great. I love Tata Harpers Resurfacing Mask and Laurel's Honey Berry Enzyme Mask. For hair, I really like making my own with ingredients that can include coconut oil, avocado, honey, eggs and apple cider vinegar. Make a family or girls night out of it!

After a shower or bath, I would highly recommend a body oil too. It's more concentrated moisture than a lotion or cream. As for makeup, Vapour foundation sticks are incredibly hydrating with the right amount of glow so that you shouldn't need to put powder over top. Unless you have really oily skin, or you're going for a matte skin look, I wouldn't recommend a face powder in the colder months.

100% Pure has an incredible lip stain that adds a flush to the lips and stays all day. Throw on a hydrating lip balm over that and you're golden. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to avoid typical spring makeup colours as they can look very pasty on some.