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Summer-fall wardrobe transition

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I spent Saturday afternoon bringing in my fall/winter clothes and putting away my summer things. It always feels so good taking things out that I haven't worn in months. It's like shopping for new clothes, but for free and in the comfort of your bedroom! Now's a great time to take stock of your summer wardrobe and donate anything you never wore last season. I'd recommend you do this at the end of a season rather than at the beginning when you're not sure which pieces will be your go-to's.

It's easier to purge your wardrobe when you know exactly what you did and didn't wear in the past few months.

What I donated

I donated a few summer dresses that I only wore once or twice all last season. But note that we all have pieces we only wear once or twice a year, and that's OK. I have a few formal dresses I keep for weddings and ceremonies. The dresses I donated were work/day dresses that were hard to pair with a cardigan or blazer. My work office is quite cold in the summer with the A/C blasting so I always end of wearing the outfits that I can layer well.

  • Summer dresses I only wore once or twice
  • A silk tank I only wore once because it's permanently stained
  • Some old tank tops that were taking up space in my PJ drawer
  • A mint green tank I bought this year that I realized wasn't my colour
  • White shorts that were permanently stained and always getting dirty
  • White jeans that my sister gave me that were also always getting dirty
  • Leather heels I bought years ago at Value Village that were now beyond repair and that I hadn't worn in years
  • A zip-up sweatshirt that I was keeping for sentimental reasons

What I wore a lot this spring/summer

I'm ready to accept that I'm a uniform gal. I have my go-to outfits that never let me down, and that's OK. Just yesterday, I made a small change in my closet that has already helped my morning routine. I read in a recent article that you should group your clothes not by colour or type, but by outfit. 

I tried this out last night and saw my wardrobe come to life in a whole new way. I saw more easily how things could be worn together, and I quickly saw which pieces just weren't meshing with anything at all (donation bin). I'd highly recommend you try this approach tonight. It took me maybe fifteen minutes and I now have six go-to work outfits.

The article also suggested grouping your outfits by need, i.e. work, errands, going out. I haven't gotten this far yet. I picked out an outfit last night, placed it at the end of my bed and felt put together and all set today.

Photo of a brunette model wearing a white linen top by Everlane in front of a white background.

Image of a brunette wearing Elizabeth Suzann's maxine top in front of a white background.

Photo of a brunette model wearing a white, v-neck top standing in front of a white background.

  • Black cropped top - VETTA
  • Black and white horizontal striped top - AMH Style (originally Club Monaco)
  • Khaki shorts - Wilfred
  • Black high-waisted culottes - Value Village (originally Esprit)

My fall/winter wardrobe


Blonde model wearing an Everlane white dress shirt.

Image of a blonde model wearing an Everlane striped top.

Photo of brunette model wearing a VETTA khaki vest.

  • Khaki vest - VETTA
  • Black cardigan - Value Village
  • Black jacket - Value Village (originally COS)


  • Grey merino wool sweater - Erdaine
  • Green mohair turtleneck sweater - second-hand
  • Heather grey turtleneck sweater - second-hand (originally United Colours of Benetton)
  • Grey turtleneck sweater - second-hand
  • Erin sweater - vintage
  • Green sweater - second-hand
  • Grey boatneck sweater - second-hand


Photo of a brunette model wearing Everlane's denim dress.



  • Wool camel coat - Vallue Village
  • Wool black coat - AMH Style (originally David Dixon)
  • Canvas jacket - second-hand (originally J.Crew)
  • Leather fringe jacket - vintage
  • Jean trench - vintage
  • Wool grey coat - vintage
  • Parka - Mountain Equipment Coop

Not included in here are things that I would normally only wear a few times a year or for specific activities (formal wear, outdoor gear, swimsuits, pyjamas, accessories)