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Spring/summer capsule wardrobe part 1: outfit documentation

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There, two weeks of outfit documentation done! I never thought I'd get through it. Honestly, I'm so all over the place sometimes, I figured I'd forget to take a picture or to take note of what I had worn on any given day.

To mitigate this risk, I took notes each day, but took the majority of my outfit shots all in one go last weekend, hence some nicer shots and some not-so-great iPhone shots.

Week one

Day 1: Grey turtleneck sweater; high-waisted, black culottes; brown, leather booties, camel coat; grey scarf

Notes: Worked and then went home. At home: Grey sweatpants; grey sweatshirt; Glerup slippers. I felt comfortable and professional at work. I like high-waisted pants worn with a tucked-in top. I like the simplicity of this outfit as well as its contrasts: beige and black, loose-fitting top, fitted pants. 

Day 2: Elizabeth Suzann sweater; black, cropped jeans; brown, leather booties; camel coat; grey scarf (same picture as above, slightly different pant).

Notes: Worked and then went home. At home: Grey sweatpants; grey sweatshirt; Glerup slippers. I love being warm, comfortable and chic at work. I'm definitely getting a lot of use out of this new sweater this winter and early spring. My at-home lounge wear needs some love. I'm tired of looking grey and lazy.

Day 3: Patterned skirt; purple, short-sleeved sweater; nude tights; black suede booties; camel coat; grey scarf

Notes: Worked, had an after work meeting, went home and ran errands. At home: Grey, Erdaine sweater; light blue Mango jeans. Great outfit for work. This is definitely something new for me. I saw this skirt and Value Village and really liked the pattern (which rarely happens for me). I bought this top, also at VV, to go with it. My only challenge now is to make sure I have at least two others tops to wear with this skirt to get good use out of it. This outfit is light, colourful and comfortable. I liked wearing jeans and a sweater at home. Made it easier to head outside without having to slip out of my usual grey sweatsuit.

Day 4 (Saturday): Elizabeth Suzann sweater; light blue Mango jeans; Glerups; then changed into purple, short-sleeved sweater; black, cropped jeans; brown leather booties

Notes: I was at home, cleaning in my sweater and jeans, then I changed to attend a birthday dinner. Definitely love my ES sweater. What I love most about a wool sweater, is that you don't have to wash it much. The label says maybe once or twice A YEAR. That's right, it doesn't smell, dirt just falls off, sort of like the dirt on my mom's Golden Retriever. I felt comfortable in both outfits and the dinner outfit was casual enough for the scene but the colour purple was a nice change from black. I still need more cute tops for such occasions though. I won't always want to wear sweater-like tops, and I'd like something in a v-neck.

Day 5 (Sunday): Elizabeth Suzann sweater; cropped, flared jeans; black suede booties; camel coat

Notes: I went to look at model homes for fun with my mom and then hung out at her place for the night. I liked the uniformity of the outfit. It was chic, young, yet comfortable and stylish. This is a go-to for sure.

Day 6: Black Everlane turtleneck shirt; Valerie Dumaine leather crop top; black Devlyn Van Loon pants; black, suede booties

Notes: Worked and then went home. This was a sleek outfit, would be good with a white dress shirt or printed pants. The leather crop top is a tad hard to get off. Only con. Not sure I'd wear this a lot....I think I'll get more use out of the shirt this spring rather than winter. It'll be more comfortable without a top underneath it.

Day 7: Grey turtleneck sweater; black, cropped jeans; Blundstones

Notes: Work and then to a friend's for dinner. Simple, comfortable, will look best with black Oxfords, when I find some.

How happy were you with your outfits this week overall?

Happy, but I need some colour in my wardrobe. I'm tired of black and grey. I'm ready for some colourful, spring pants too. For spring, I only have light, beige linen pants. I may have to look for one pair of colourful pants, maybe even in a pattern. I have good work outfits but I need more light, long-sleeved shirts to wear with my dark bottoms and black skirts. Need better tops for skirts too. Tops that I can tuck into my skirts.

Week two

Day 1: Elizabeth Suzann sweater; cropped, flared jeans; Blundstones en route to work; white, Zoe Lee Livonia boots; camel coat; grey scarf

Notes: Worked and then at home, changed into my tried and true grey sweatpants and grey sweatshirt with my Glerups. I felt stylish at work, but maybe too young and hip looking for work with my white booties. Best to get some Oxfords and wear my booties with more subdued bottoms. Mental note, must cut the frayed edges off!

Day 2: Black Everlane turtleneck shirt; Vetta vest; black, cropped jeans; black, suede booties; camel coat; grey scarf

Notes: Worked and then went home. I really liked this outfit. It's professional, comfortable (always key for me), it's a keeper. But I should wear it with a colourful scarf to switch it up, or maybe a long necklace.

Day 3: Blush pink sweater; cropped, dark blue Levi's; Zoe Lee booties

Notes: I worked but didn't feel professional with these cropped jeans. Bad choice here Mal. They had a pull in them and worn with the booties, the whole ensemble was off. I should've worn my black, Devlyn Van Loon pants with the booties and the top. Would've been more professional. 

Day 4 (Saturday): Elizabeth Suzann sweater; cropped, flared jeans

Notes: Cleaning house, walking Lucy. The jeans are nice and stretchy, but I needed a longer top to wear under my sweater for whenever I got hot and had to take it off. The linen top I wore underneath wasn't long enough to properly tuck into my low-rise jeans.

Day 5 (Sunday): New Duffield Design, blue top; light blue Mango jeans; slippers

Notes: I was home, walked Lucy, hosted family for lunch and did a photo shoot for the blog. The jean's aren't great quality. They've lost their shape and they're a thin denim. I've decided to donate them. I can wear my cropped, dark blue Levi's to lounge in or to do house work in instead. They already have a pull and I don't need two housework pants. Loved the top, so light, soft, felt like I was naked! Big plus with this top, it's reversible! 

Day 6 (home sick): Grey sweatpants; Duffield Design top; wool socks (no need for a shot of this, just picture lazy).

Notes: I was home, walked Lucy, did some light garden work and worked from home a bit on the laptop. I felt like a comfy bum. But I would like a nicer lounge wear outfit to wear at home and still look chic.

Day 7 (also my first 10x10 outfit challenge day!): Black, long-sleeved Everlane shirt; Vetta vest; black, high-waisted culottes; brown, leather booties; brown, leather belt; camel coat; grey scarf

Notes: I worked and then had my wisdom tooth out that afternoon. I really like this look. It's young and artsy but professional. It's low-maintenance, no ironing needed, and it's feminine and minimal. I'd like to find a warm-weather version of this outfit.

How happy were you with your outfits this week overall?

Overall, I liked them, but I don't love my at-home items and I need more work shoes to suit my work outfits. I don't always want to have to wear booties with a heel. I have one nice pair of leather flats, but I'd like a pair of Oxfords, something with a subtle heel and a little more preppy look to it. I need more patterned fall tops and a warm cardigan to wear in the office over my tops.

Next post: Status quo questionnaire!