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What summer signs mean for you

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How to best harness the summer months

Summertime! That magical season stretching endlessly before us until autumn brings us back to our A-B-Cs. Adventures await: swimming holes, berry picking, corn boils, campfire songs, cottage weekends, family reunions, sand castles and hay rides. Flip flops, tattered Ts and faded denim cover barely-there swimsuits, and lake or sailboat are just a heartbeat away. Patriotic July national holidays mean flag waving and marching bands, then picnics in the park and fireworks decorating the heavens.

Our senses awaken to delicious crab fresh off the wharf, dripping with buttery garlic, and juicy strawberries topping French vanilla ice cream. We slowly unwind in the sun with the latest escapist novel, soothed by rolling surf and warm sand. August marks civic holiday weekends, pride in our communities on full display. Local fairgrounds award 4-H ribbons as midways and haunted houses deliver thrills and chills. Spirits replenished, we resume September schedules as the next chapter unfolds.

Kathryn Connolly, BA, RHN, www.simplyastrology.ca, has been an Astrological Counselor since 1991. She shares her light-hearted celestial insights about life and, of course, fashion, at each new season.  

CANCER: (June 21 – July 22) represents flow, family, emotion, compassion, support and empathy. Yes, in July, the livin’ is easy! This month, put roots first, work a distant second. Time to air out guest bedrooms and summer wardrobes, anxiously awaiting family from away. Linger over secret recipes as delicious aromas compete with blooming roses. Relax at patio BBQs, cuddling toddlers and rehashing stories. Bond with the clan, preferably by water. The rewards? A - gradual - golden tan and sense of belonging only family provides, however diverse today’s model. And call your mom!

LEO: (July 22 – August 22) represents self-expression, talent, playfulness, drama, joy, heart and love. Throw caution to the wind this month. That spontaneous kid inside is ready for fun, excitement, and a little (scratch that) big romance. Time to dig out that flamboyant designer splurge buried in your closet. Stay out too late, flirting and drinking red wine under the stars. Make sandcastles with your kids and roast marshmallows by the fire. Or consider conceiving your firstborn. Follow your heart and unleash those creative yearnings. Why wait until you’re old for a bucket list? Live it now!

VIRGO: (August 22 – September 22) represents detail, service, natural, logical analysis, healing and efficiency. Time to get serious as September rolls around. They call it Labour Day for a reason. The To-Do list: schedule a health, fitness and diet regime after summer excess; polish the resume for that new position; enroll in a self-development credit course, another at the Y for fun; buy organic, even if it costs more. Lastly, organize that unused space for crafty projects and yoga poses. That practical internal ‘Get It Together’ voice has been around since autumn preschool. Just go with it!

The stars of fashion

 "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."  Kate Moss  

Ms. Cancer water sign is all about how fabrics feel next to her skin and how she feels wearing them. Her trusty faded denim and soft pastel scarf accent summery capris, favourite sea glass necklace and sassy sandals. Her warm glamorous style accessorizes well with vintage wine and seaside patio.

COLORS: water colors, (blues, whites, aqua, teal, silver, and sea green), soft pinks, baby blues, pastels, pearl, off whites, patterned pastel mixes

FABRICS: brushed microfiber/cotton blends, nylon/lycra/polyester, calico, swimwear blends, cotton, chambray, cashmere, velour, flannel, plush

PREFERENCES: beach/cottage/lake wear, bathing suits, cover ups, shorts, capris, flip flops, strappy sandals, sailing gear, funky aprons, T-shirts with pictures of kids, bathrobes and pyjamas, embroidery, flowing sun dresses.

“I don’t do fashion, I AM FASHION!”  Coco Chanel

Ms. Leo fire sign can sure make an entrance.  Her sheer leopard print scarf, chunky bracelet and sparkly gold jewelry signal her ‘Queen of the Jungle’ status. Who can resist her in striking gold sandals, chic designer handbag and fiery orange jacket?  Like the Sun, she was born to command attention and adoration.

COLORS: brilliant colors of the Sun, jewel tones, royal blues and purples, golds, oranges, golden yellows, orangey reds, copper, magenta

FABRICS: bold fabrics, cuts and patterns, glitter, sequins, satin, sateen, velvet/velour, ermine, faux/fur, mirrored or reflective fabrics, lame, brocade

PREFERENCES: latest trends, rich capes, stoles and boas, statement jackets, artsy, one of a kind pieces, sexy high fashion shoes, showy ensembles, slits, red carpet/award/balls events, formal wear, blingy jewelry

“A fit, healthy body - that is the best fashion statement.”  Jess C. Scott

 Ms. Virgo earth sign is 100% natural, like her cotton jacket, wooden jewelry, canvas purse and bamboo scarf, her palette blending summer and autumn. A restful cream, beige and ocher ensemble contrasts with burnt orange and teal scarf, a two-toned necklace and minimalist sandals.

COLORS: autumn colors, rust, sienna, russet, auburn, beige, neutrals, browns, ocher, burnt orange, grey, chestnut, pale shades, greens

FABRICS: natural organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and dyes, wools, tweeds, plaids, felts, corduroy, natural fibres, embroidery, checks, florals

PREFERENCES:  outdoorsy outfits, sweaters, jackets, ensembles, sensible shoes. Fair trade, ethical, eco-fashion, especially if charities benefit, button down tailored shirts, crafty accessories, shawls and patterned scarfs

Summer solstice: Did you know?
  • Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the official start of the summer season, happens Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 12:24 am EDT in Ottawa, ON.
  • This marks the longest day and shortest night of the year: sunrise at 5:13 am and setting at 8:53, almost 16 daylight hours.  The solstice ushers in Cancer, followed by Leo and Virgo, each sign lasting about a month.
  • From Earth’s vantage point, during Solstice, Latin for ‘sun stands still,’ the Sun halts directly over the Tropic of Cancer, then turns southward.
  • Christians celebrate St. John the Baptist Festival June 24 with fireworks and concerts, Pagans, ‘Midsummer,’ with feasts and bonfires.
  • Thousands flock to Stonehenge, the ancient stone circle in Wiltshire, England, to witness the rising Sun appear to balance on one of the main stones.