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You might like...

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Here's a round up of recent things that I've come across that you might like: clothing items, accessories, websites, people, movies, songs, information, you name it. I'd like to share with you once or twice a month and I hope you find something that piques your interest and makes you say "oooo pretty!" or "how neat!"

Image of a copper plant stand with a plant in it in a white pot

...this industrial, copper plant stand by Etta and Odie. 

Image of a wool rug...to walk across this soft, hand-woven wool rug.

Black and white mage of a blonde model on a rooftop...to know more about Canadian eco-designer, CassBurr Designs.

Colour image of a profile shot of a red-headed model with her hair wrapped around her neck, wearing silver earrings...to shop stunning, minimalist jewellery for holiday gifts.

Product image of a rag doll...to buy this adorable Dumye rag doll as an alternative gift for your tiny person. 

Product image of a Forestiere necklace....to browse Ottawa-based Forestiere's beautiful collection of handmade, fibre jewellery.

Image of a pumpkin soup in a blue bowl...to have fun in the kitchen, cooking simple, plant-based recipes from my favourite food blogger, My New Roots. Try this delicious pumpkin miso broth with soba noodles recipe and thank me later.

Image of eco-fashion blogger, Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee...to be inspired to dress with less and buy clothing with intention like popular Canadian minimalist style blogger Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee.