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You might like 2.0

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...to buy fewer but better quality things once you read this wonderfully honest post about pricing in fashion by my eco-fashion idol, Liz Pape of Elizabeth Suzann  

...to learn more about ethical shopping in Canada and specifically the Calgary area via the love ladies of My New Neighbour

...to delight in this beautiful, raw silk, olive top by Nashville-based Jamie and the Jones

...to know that Etsy can help you find made-in-Canada products

...find some New Year cooking inspiration from a Quebec-based food blog 3 fois par jours, which I came upon not long ago and which not only offers great meals to try at home but some stunning, gastronomic eye candy.

...to unwind and stretch with a fun and laid-back yoga session with the lovely Adriene (honeslty love her, she's so adorable!) 

...to have even more reasons to quit plastic for good 

...to finally tackle building a capsule wardrobe after reading Caroline Joy's fun Unfancy blog

...to take a woodworking class to build a coffee table or cutting board at Ottawa City Workshop, or gift a class to a friend

...look back at this past year and write down some life, health and career intentions for 2017. Follow Rose & Fig's model for a helpful guide.

...to shop quality made items that will last at Kaufman Mercantile.