Get to know Erdaine Knitwear


Vancouver, BC

What’s your background, and what motivates you to do what you do?

I studied fashion and knitwear in France and Germany. Knitwear can become a part of your personality, and for me, getting encouragement from a customer is highly motivating. I think that a great sweater can be so special, the connection is almost emotional.

How would you describe your brand?

I value slow-fashion. It doesn’t make sense to have clothes made by near-slave labour on the other side of the planet. Designing and manufacturing here in Canada allows for more creativity and quality control. I gain a lot of ideas from modern art, architecture, everyday life and even nature scenes I find in the National Geographic. I use a combination of sensations, atmospheres and feelings to create shapes and textures. I give personality to my clothes using minimalist touches such as discreet details, fluid lines that enhance the silhouette or stitch structures that reveal the best characteristics of each type of fibre.

What is your designing process?

I have a team of three. We continually discuss the shapes, stitches, textures and colours of our designs to come up with the best ideas. The designing process begins with research and sketching. Then we select the yarns and colour and start sampling designs. Whenever I have a design idea, I can make a sample right away, which is rare in the knitting industry.

What does success look like to you?

I am already living my dream job. I feel proud when I see people wearing my creations in the street. What more could I achieve? Maybe New York Fashion Week?

Did you know? The name “Erdaine” was inspired by a Mongolian word meaning “gem.”